Alternatives for Zofran Needed for Treating Nausea of a Pregnant Lady?

Yesterday, I went to L&D (Labor & Delivery). I’m 26 weeks pregnant and been extremely sick lately and can’t keep anything down. Anyways they wrote me a script for Zofran. I went to get it filled, but unfortunately, my insurance didn’t cover it & it costs $93 for 30 pills. We can’t afford that. Also, I looked it up and what I’ve read said its unsafe to take during pregnancy. Does anyone have any natural things I can do to help with nauseousness?

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    B6 and Unisom tablets, there are two kinds of unisom, you need the Doxylamine formula one. Its the OTC (over the counter) version of an expensive Rx called Diclegis. Also, hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) maybe in your case is the problem, and if you have it as I do, nothing works but medication. No remedies like ginger or crackers will help you much.


    Nothing but Zofran worked for my hyperemesis gravidarum as well. Was vomiting up until delivery. I can tell you this though, every pharmacy charges a different price so call around! I was out of town for my father’s heart surgery when I ran out of Zofran.

    My insurance wouldn’t cover pharmacies out of my state, so I had to pay out of pocket. Walgreens wanted to charge me $65, and I ended up finding the exact same prescription at a different (grocery store) pharmacy for $15!


    I was sick 9mos for 2 children. I feel you. I tried bracelets, ginger, and crackers, etc. The only trick which worked very well was pumpkin seeds. Specifically, sucking the salt from them. I hope this helps you.


    My daughter was very sick for the first 5 months of her pregnancy. She ended up at the ER and had to get fluids from dehydration. They gave her a prescription for Diclegis. She took one pill at night to help prevent vomiting, and if she got sick in the morning, she could take another one. This was before I started questioning everything the doctors were trying to give her. I never looked up information on the drug. But my grandson was born healthy.


    It’s not natural. I am pregnant with twins and have HG. I’m 20 weeks and take Diclegis. It’s the prescription equivalent of Unisom and B6. It can be really expensive, so if your insurance didn’t cover Zofran, they probably wouldn’t cover this, but I would fight for it.

    My OB had to call them and tell them I still needed it. I wish I didn’t. But I ended up in the hospital because of how sick I was. If they don’t cover it, try the Unisom and B6 combo.


    I don’t know about nausea feeling itself, but mashed potatoes are just about impossible to throw up.
    I had a problem as a teenager, due to nerves, I could not keep anything down. The doctor told my Mom to feed me plain mashed potatoes. They would not come back up no matter how much I heaved.


    Many years ago when I had my babies I had all day sickness too… I was advised to leave some dry biscuits (not sweet) on the bedside and eat them first thing when I woke up and while still lying down, it worked for me.
    Colostrum can also help. Usually, morning sickness happens when you are lacking something nutritionally. You can buy it at Whole Foods or Sprouts.

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