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    I thought I could eat what I wanted but only to end up in severe pain & literally sick with nausea. For instance sugar, I can't have any at all & I had craved sugar. I didn't believe my Dietician when she said that sugar could be causing symptoms then we went down the line with what triggered symptoms.

    Then there is the HFCS which should be banned from food anyway. I was told – until I stay away from these things that trigger symptoms then letting my insides heal later, I can go back to them and eat them. I don't like any of this; it is very frustrating.


    I could imagine during treatment if you ate whatever you wanted you'd be fine because the bugs need something to feed on in order to die. But if you continued to eat whatever you want after you've eradicated SIBO, I would assume in time it would return. Diet is important. Once you have SIBO – sugar, and carbs should always be limited in my opinion because SIBO has such a high recurrence rate.


    Regarding your second question:

    The natural antibiotics only get me to extend the time between treatment with the Xifaxan. I will say I’ve learned through my treatment and work with a dietician that it’s extremely individualized in terms of triggers. I used my strict dietary protocol for about 6 months as an elimination diet. Then I added things to find my triggers. For me, strict absence of HFCS and a whole basic foods diet works. I just started Xifaxan today; the last treatment was 2 years ago.


    I think you should eat what you want as long as it's clean. I'm going to cause a ruckus here, but I feel that we need to learn to trust what our bodies tell us as far as diet goes. Restriction causes malnutrition and weakens our bodies defenses. I am giving it no fuel for the fight. Eat what you tolerate.


      But when starting out, when treating SIBO through herbals in the 'killing' stage, do you think it's necessary to keep on the strict diet? And/or do you think its ok to follow it perfectly but slip just once, say for a piece of cake on a special occasion or something? Or will that screw up everything (as long as you know it won't make you uncomfortable)?

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