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    Flossing is something which in my opinion is totally gimmicking. I recommend you use colloidal silver as a mouth-wash after you've brushed your teeth – spit it out afterward. Try also to really suck it between the teeth with your tongue and mouth – do it for at least 5 min. This should help a lot with reversing receding gums.

    I had this problem as well, but since I started using toothpaste with MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and colloidal silver, my gums went back again. However, I'm not certain it gives the teeth the correct amount of protection from cavities, so I'd recommend the mouth wash thingy instead. I use SREBROSEPT brand silversept toothpaste.


    Brushing too hard causes receding gums. Using a softer toothbrush if you can't be careful about brushing too hard can help. I still believe in flossing because when I don't floss – my gums bleed. Using Waterpik is very helpful.

    And if you use any mouthwash – don't use it daily because it will destroy the good bacteria in your mouth and cause it to dry out and invite irritations and other situations to happen in your mouth.

    Twice a month I brush my teeth with baking soda, and then I rinse it with a mixture of half water and half apple cider vinegar. I don't swallow, just spit it out over the sink because it will cause a foaming reaction. It will clean your mouth out very well.


      I agree… my gums start to bleed when I do not floss, as well.


    The best thing to do is the Ayurvedic protocol known as oil-pulling. It will, over time, heal gums that have already receded. You should also take manjistha and eat more fruit, peppers and other foods high in vitamin C. Receding gums is sometimes a mild form of scurvy. If they are bleeding you have gingivitis. Oil-pulling should be done with sesame oil, not coconut oil.

    Several people who had constant cavities as well as receding gums, no longer has to go to the dentist after doing oil-pulling. I am an Ayurvedic physician and I have decades of experience proving the efficacy of these therapies.


    Like mentioned by Charles above, I have been rinsing daily but with coconut oil – a great item that is considered antibacterial & antiviral. I rinse daily for 20mins and spit out (don't spit into the sink or you'll create plumbing problems for yourself later).

    I have noticed when I do miss brushing my teeth at night because I fall asleep wherever (ha)… my gums are no longer sensitive or bloody when I do floss them the next day. I will find out in my next cleaning how good/bad this is, but I suspect the results will be good. The key (like anything) is to be consistent! Bye-bye receding gum lines and pockets!


      The correct way to do Oil-pulling is with Sesame oil, not coconut oil. Not only it is the Ayurvedic tradition to use sesame oil, but all of the western research that has been done on the efficacy of oil pulling has also been based on the Ayurvedic tradition -using sesame oil.


    I started brushing with Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Whitening Plus toothpaste in the mornings and after lunch, and Thieves Oil Toothpaste evenings, and it has made an enormous difference! Gums feel strong with little or no receding.

    Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste with Baking Soda and Essential Oil of Mint - 6.25 ozDesert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste with Baking Soda and Essential Oil of Mint - 6.25 oz


      Did you have receding gums before you started using this toothpaste?


        Yes, for many years. I think the Tea Tree Oil toothpaste gets the most results, but the Thieves Oil recommendation was from a dentist to a friend of mine. It has made a difference. I was going to try the oil pulling, but do not know if I need to now.


          Thanks! Yesterday I ordered few products from the Natural Health Care Store, some of Dr. Christopher's products & I started oil pulling with Sesame oil, so hopefully, this will reverse the receded gums.


    Waterpik has saved me from losing my bottom front teeth from receding gums. Also, coconut oil-pulling and I massage immune protection essential oil on them. Some of the above-recommended options are excellent (Waterpik with H2O2, colloidal silver, and vitamin C).

    If you have bleeding gums, I'd especially recommend vitamin C with bioflavonoids and CoQ10. A few grams a day could help tremendously (it did for me). If you need more high powered vitamin C, try liposomal forms.

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