Can Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Cause Tooth Cavities?

What causes you to get a ton of cavities out of nowhere? I’m 36, and never had a dental issue until last year. I had two cavities then, and today just found out I have eight new ones. I have three kids and have breastfed for four years. Could pregnancy and breastfeeding have contributed to it, like I lack minerals or something?

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    Yes. It pulls minerals and vitamins from your body. Your body needs around 2 years to build back up between children. I know my teeth were pretty bad after kids. I wish so much ob-gyn would tell you how important it is to eat foods full of vitamins. Juicing and taking fish oil would have been so helpful. Added mineral drops. Probably anything other than what I did.. which was just taking multivitamins.

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      Yes, I’ve done nothing special besides a multivitamin too. I had 3 kids within 4 years, and the last baby nursed for 4 years (other two only briefly and had multiple nursing issues that ended up being related to tongue ties).


        That probably took a toll on your entire body. I would suggest resting when possible and following a whole 30 or paleo diet. Lots of good nutrients. I like to use wheatgrass too. I use cell salts from Amazon and they seem to help my tooth sensitivity. I don’t know that it helps remineralize cavities but it does help sensitivity.


          I am certified in the use of cell salts. Do not use this! This is a combo of all 12 and none have enough value for them to help with anything. You need to take each cell salt alone. For teeth use Calc Flor (#1) to strengthen enamel. Or Calc Phos (#2) to build inside structure of teeth.


            I’ve never heard that. I can only speak from experience and they did tremendously help my tooth sensitivity. I stopped taking them (forgot) and a couple weeks later they’re becoming sensitive again. They also boosted my energy and libido. They were a win for me. I would try the individual ones too but I didn’t think the combo was a waste.


    I was just reading about Detoxadine, a nascent iodine product. It mentioned how breastfeeding often leads to a deficiency. I’m just starting to look into it myself, you may want to read up on it too.


    I have six kids and have been nursing for 15.5 yrs. It has done a number on my teeth, pretty sure every tooth has at least one filling. Lost four teeth as root canals do not work for me. I have been really trying to replenish my minerals stores for these last three yrs. Got my thyroid working finally and working on getting fixing my low adrenals now. These kids make it totally worth it but wish I had known how to support my health yrs ago.

    Been going to my kinesiologist and she tells me which supplements my body likes, been on lots of magnesium and plant minerals over the years. Also, working on my gut health to try to make it so I absorb more of the minerals I take in.

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