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    Yes, I always have more pain, and here lately, the heat and humidity seem to be making me have some rashes and breakouts on my skin, and there are some days. I can predict the weather from how bad I feel when I wake up if a lot of rain is coming.


    We have had TONS of rain here recently (I'm talking flooding conditions to the point we are put in level 1-2 travel advisories). I started to notice a mini flare the other day, where I could feel one coming on. Then the next morning (technically that night/early morning), I wake up to the whole town being flooded.

    Raining like crazy & I hurt so bad I couldn't move. I couldn't even stand by myself; it hurt so bad. I was literally bound to my couch & in so much pain. All I wanted to do was cry. None of my medication is touching it right now. I was supposed to have surgery for my pain pump; however, I guess my doctor decided he wanted to take a vacation,

    AGAIN, that week so now it has to be rescheduled. I just want a normal life or as close to as possible. I'm missing out on so much with my kids & I feel I'm also cheating them out of things/experiences in life too at times as I'm not able to do as much as I used to with all of my medical conditions. Being 31 and have a 6 & 7-year-old, both who have ADHD & want to be on the move all the time, is hard. Doesn't help they make me feel so bad for it at times


    Yes, mine flare-up with the humidity. It's terrible. Also, rain will bring on flares.


    Yes, with the heat and humidity, I've had so much pain lately, and all symptoms are triggered and heightened like sound, smell, light, chemical sensitivities; sinusitis; candida; gastrointestinal dysfunction; fatigue; sweats, and Fibro fog.


    Yes. Living in the NE, its either humid or cold. Very few nice, comfortable days. People are always telling me I should move.


    Absolutely, it happens a day before. It's like I have the flu. It also flares every time I have surgery. Two years ago, I had surgery; it took a year for my hair to be back to normal. And now what they fixed (haha) is now back, and I can do this all again.

    My employer has been great through two surgeries, and now I have to ask them again to understand. Not only that, I found out that I had no iron in my blood — had four weeks of iron infusions, which I'll have to do for the rest of my life.


    The weather changes have always bothered me! I can predict rain, snow, storms, etc. Better than the weather station because of how my body feels.


    Damp, rainy, or cold and cloudy, but the worst is stormy, like when tornadoes are in the area. Suppose it has a lot to do with the barometric pressure.

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