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    I am at the beginning of finding out. This is definitely a problem with mass weight loss, just waiting to see if autophagy comes through for us to eat up the sag. As far as I know, Autophagy is triggered by fasting I believe. It takes a while to happen, but it does happen like the body has to realise you really aren’t going to be needing that skin again.

    It knows if you have gained and lost and that it might not be true that this time you really are not going back. Be patient, It does happen. Watch this video to understand more, skip to 18-minute mark!

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      He said it takes 24-48 hours of water only fasting but didn’t say how long to continue it for any real benefit!


        I think if you are already fat-adapted it kicks in quicker. Every 24 hrs it happens, with the help of Vit C & Collagen. I’ve lost 120+ pounds & I have all new skin, 2 years with Youtheory collagen has worked some magic!


    In my experience, autophagy happens with intermittent fasting – even with saggy skin I’ve had for over a decade. And I’m 56. I may not look like I did at 26, but I’m pretty happy with the changes. I will continue with low carb and intermittent fasting.

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