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    I just started this week. I actually was really against it initially but surprisingly feel so much better. Definitely notice a difference in my energy levels. Have been gluten-free for five years. Been dairy free for the past two months and I’m also trying to go soy free.

    Honestly going gluten-free was so easy for me. I’ve never really been big on gluten since I was a kid. I eat a lot of protein and veggies. Going vegan has been a daily challenge all week. I love meat. My husband liked to do a ton of research on Hashimoto’s tho and said the meat was a huge inflammatory. Someone on here suggested using Pinterest for vegan recipes, and it’s helped a lot.

    He watched a bunch of stuff on Netflix as well! There’s one about GMOs that I just started watching, and it made me cringe. I’ve been highly conscious of GMOs now, and it’s crazy how much stuff is modified even in things that claim to be “natural.”


    I’ve gone vegan for a period of time, but I have anemia, and my already extreme fatigue gets even worse without meat. I don’t eat meat every day and stick to mostly poultry and fish, but I notice if I don’t eat red meat at least 1-2 a week. Iron supplementation makes me sick to my stomach, unfortunately. I really like meat too though so veganism isn’t going to be a good lifestyle for me.


    I’m off dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugars; I’d say paleo lifestyle mostly for short. But B12 is very important and (I think) that only comes from meat. It’s something that people with MTHFR and Hashimoto’s have issues with getting enough of any way without cutting out the primary source. I don’t like animal cruelty etc. but I just make the most ethical choices I can – I support local farmers, chemical free, permaculture/ regenerative farming and organic practices as much as possible for meat, eggs and produce.


      You should watch “what the health,” they talk about paleo diet a lot and how it doesn’t matter if the animals are locally raised it’s the animal fat that’s bad. And for B12 you can take supplements.


        I don’t think fat is bad unless the animals are eating things sprayed with chemicals, as many of them accumulate in fat tissues (like with us). I won’t be giving up meat; I give up enough, I think. I take B12 supplements anyway, but lots of them are a cyanide-based.


    I haven’t eaten beef, pork or turkey in over two years because my body wasn’t digesting it properly. I do eat fish, chicken, and eggs, but no wheat, gluten or dairy. It has helped a lot with my stomach and eliminated acid reflux and heartburn.

    Although given that it’s an autoimmune disease any food could be safe or could be a trigger at any given time. The immune system doesn’t seem to be ruled by any one set of criteria! Grains and beans suck for me now, but maybe not forever and have been in the past. Listen to your body.

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