How to Treat Ringworm on a Kid naturally at Home without using Antibiotics?

My six year old has had what the doctor told me was ringworm for the last 6 months. It started out as a little patch on the back of her upper thigh. It is now spread all over the back of both her thighs to her knees. I have tried upping her vitamin intake, Epsom salt baths, oil blends, ACV rubbed on it, colloidal silver internally and externally not to mention plantain salve and black walnut salve. And cutting out sugar from her diet. Lately, I started giving her baths less often too. Sometimes it looks like it’s starting to heal and then it flares up. I do not want to put her on antibiotics does anyone have any ideas? Is there some other rash that looks like ringworm?

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    Frankincense oil and lavender would be PERFECT for such a condition. Being anti-inflammatory and antifungal. If it is really ringworm then tea tree oil would be your best bet! It aids in calming the skin and promotes healing.

    Another option is Oil of Oregano, wildcrafted P73. It’ll surely cure ringworm. It did for my daughter and my husband!!

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      Yes, I had a blend of Frankincense Essential Oil I used with lavender, thyme and tea tree but it didn’t help. I also put frankincense in her baths.


        Were you using the oils straight or diluted? We applied it straight to the area twice a day. It would start clearing up within a week.


          I used a carrier oil, almond, she has extra sensitive skin so I can’t use essential oil’s full strength.


    Bentonite clay taken internally is another way to give your immune system a boost if you’re looking for more ways to do so.


      Oh cool! I just bought some the other day for another use that I had just learned about. Is the dosage the same for a child as for an adult? Also, do you know, is it safe using during pregnancy?


        I use Redmond clay. I took it while pregnant after being desperate to find a way to get off antibiotics for multiple urinary tract Infections. The clay cleared it up and I was able to go off the meds!

        I took 1 tsp in 2c water on empty stomach. I let it sit a few hours before drinking it to help the water take on the negative charge. (shaken in a glass jar, measured with a plastic spoon. Don’t want contact with metal, you may already know this).

        Dosage for a child, I am not a doctor remember, but I would say because it’s more about the negative charge the clay gives the water than ingesting the clay I would add 2x the water and let it sit longer before drinking. I hope I’m making sense.


          I bought Redmond clay also. My husband was reading about it for use as a poultice on cows with mastitis and the person at the store told me it’s great for people too! I myself have major stomach issues as a result of constant antibiotics as a child and reading it could help but I didn’t do much research yet so it’s still unopened on the counter.


    I know we can’t really ‘diagnose’ on here, but I do know that with Lyme Disease, kids can get an ‘atypical’ EM rash, which can cover large areas.

    When I had ringworm from my cousin’s stray kitten, I had to take an oral antifungal med. My immune system wasn’t strong enough to fight it off, and even prescription topical anti-fungal meds weren’t doing it for me. Ringworm is highly contagious. I’m surprised the colloidal silver isn’t helping, at the very least of everything you’re trying.


      I have been giving her the silver internally for a few weeks but just started spraying it on the rash 2-3 times a day about 3 days ago. It seems to be drying out but not much.


    A friend of mine made me some white sage salve to use on my pets when they get ringworm (we have high humidity here, so it pops up now and then). I’ve also heard from other pet owners that coconut oil works great for treating ringworm. I would suggest trying coconut oil if you haven’t already.


      We have determined it’s not ringworm (finally). We got blood work done and they are thinking parasite. I am giving her a natural detox so crossing my fingers in hope to see improvement soon!

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