Is Consuming Gabapentin 300mg Dosage for Fibromyalgia Effective?

My Doctor had put me on Gabapentin 300mg dosage for Fibromyalgia, and it’s not that effective. I attended a chronic pain support group, and the doctor who heads it says the average dosage is 1800mgs. I don’t think I want to take that much. My primary care doctor is trying to prescribe Cymbalta to add to it, but Medicaid does not like to cover it (too expensive).

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    Yes, I take 800 mg 3 time’s a day. The very best for me in my pain can’t live without it. You will GAIN WEIGHT on it, a lot of weight that’s the only Negative against it. Weight gain happens because it makes you really hungry. With Gabapentin the only thing I can say is to make sure you keep on your Doses and don’t miss any!

    My mum is also on these and for the first week she had a horrid headache and felt rubbish but that passed and now she can’t do without them, they really help her.


    Yes, it works for me. No weight gain. I also take a muscle relaxant called Doxylamine succinate. It is wonderful. I am 90% better. I sleep 10 hours a night which I believe helps with restoring muscles. In the start sure you won’t get much sleep but for me muscle relaxant that does the job. I am addicted to it but better to have a quality of life!


    My doctor wanted to put me on it, then decided against it because I had already gained so much weight since been diagnosed and believed it would make me gain even more weight and that could cause issues that would outweigh the positives.


    I was on it for a while and it did nothing for the pain, but I gained quite a bit of weight. I made some lifestyle changes that were much more effective for me than medication. But that’s just my personal experience. Everyone is different, and I hope it works for you!


    Be careful of behavior changes, increased anger, anxiety, depression, and mood swings. I got up to 2400 mg/day and it never helped with my pain. Only helped with my RLS. I also gained weight. Once my doctor found out about my mental and emotional changes, he weaned me off immediately. I’ve heard gabapentin works for some, so good luck. Just be careful and pay close attention to the mental and emotional side effects, as well as the physical.


    It can cause drowsiness (that you’ll get used to) or weight gain (I gained about 20 lbs, but I’ve been on it for ten years). It’s the only thing that helps my Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy. Without it, the only thing that gave any temporary relief with even worse side effects was hard alcohol to the point of drunkenness every night. Started Gabapentin and quit drinking on the spot.


    Do your research, it was made for something else, word is they wanted to find another illness it would work for… my pain clinic tried to switch me from tramadol to it and I refused after reading up on it. BUT you must try these things out for yourself as my mum is on it for leg pain neuropathy, and it worked for her. At least you can make an informed decision if you do your research, best of luck!


    I was put on it for damage to my neck, this was about 6 years ago, before I had a hard time making mashed potatoes, my favorite, after about a week or 2 I got hungry for Mashed potatoes and jumped in to make some. When I started dishing up my plate I almost dropped it cause I was so excited, it had been 5 years since I was able to make them from start to finish without being in so much pain I couldn’t enjoy them.


    Gabapentin 900mg 3x a day and the weight gain is awful. 70 pounds in five years. And near constant constipation. I should buy stock in laxatives. Been doing lidocaine infusions for a couple month and hope to back off on the gabapentin and hopefully lose some weight. The infusion has helped a tiny bit with constipation, so that is another bonus. Half of my pain has been doubled in my right side due to a couple of stokes about 15 months ago.


    It takes time and patience to get your personal dosage worked out. It can cause weight gain but it is the least weight adding one for me so far. I’ve been on it almost a year with no additional gaining (I gained 50 lbs from different antidepressants I tried first that did nothing and just made me big) It has wicked side effects.

    Be patient till you learn how you can best handle it. They literally make me “drunk” without the drinking. They are also the ONLY pill other than opiates that relieve any pain for me and the actually relieve quite a bit!! I have slowly built myself up to the dose that works for me the max of 1800mg in 24 hours. Most of it focuses on evening night hours cuz it’s also a great sleep aid!! You gotta be patient with the side effects and give it a chance. It could be a great help for you!!

    Start your dosage low at about what yours is. Then build as needed. I don’t start taking mine ever before 2 pm. And for me, I don’t feel any change for about 90min and the strongest side effects don’t hit until I’ve had a couple of doses and have 1200mg on board. It’s about 8 pm by then. Then the last 600mg right before I go to sleep so I sleep. It may take way less for you.

    I have very serious pain issues and causes not just the fibro. So you may have easier results. Be patient cuz it may work very well for you. I also have strong opinions about these antidepressants being pushed in place of opiates. The side effects of these antidepressants and other “brain” pills are far more than opiates. They are also JUST AS ADDICTIVE with serious withdrawals as opiates. Opiates are also safer as they are completely organic in their chemistry. Not synthetic or chemist altered to chemically alter our brains. Opiates are at least found from plants first.

    Best answer

    I have been on it for 3 yrs +. It does seem to help in some ways. My overall discomfort and pain have responded well to the 600mg 3x a day dosage. However, the weight gain and inability to lose it, are really getting to me.

    Recently, I have been taking magnesium supplements (at a low dose) and wearing copper jewelry. Somehow the combination works quite well. I am still easily fatigued but am working around that for now. Hope you find something to work for you.

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