Is Jello Water a Healthy Alternative Treatment for Autoimmune Inflammation?

If any of you have terrible (autoimmune)  inflammation, I just drank four packs of jello water, two last night, the other two today and I must say it took a lot of my inflammation down, the pain and swelling were unbearable now it’s bearable. I used Grape flavored Jello and instead of putting it in the refrigerator to set I drank it. You can get flavorless jello and add fruit juice to it and drink it that way too. Give it a try; my guess is I’ll have to drink jello water daily to beat this, so far so good. My only concern here is if it’s healthy to drink it every day?

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    There are much healthier ways to bring down inflammation. Jell-O is loaded with sugar which breeds inflammation throughout the body. Artificial sweeteners do even more damage. You can get natural collagen supplements at health food stores. A good quality omega 3 supplement and curcumin are also effective natural anti-inflammatories. I would suggest heading to a local health food store and talking to their staff for options. This Jell-O water may make you feel good now, but doing this long-term is not going to help and will only serve to make matters worse.

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      It works for her. Maybe there is a healthier alternative but gelatin is different from the three supplements you mention.


    You want the collagen. Yes, flavorless jello will work. What I am saying is jello flavorless or not has a lot of additional ingredients and additives. A collagen supplement is just the collagen. If you suffer from inflammation, the supplements just cut out added crap to your body.


      Collagen makes my eyes swell badly… I was taking Youtheory Collagen 1,2&3 and when I googled side effects, swelling of the face and throat were just 2 of the side effects with many more followed. My tongue felt like I had fire ants on it for over 2 weeks and I didn’t put 2 & 2 together at 1st.

      It’s gluten… dairy… soy free… I’m still swollen and I stopped it over a week ago. I had just started it and was only on it for about a week and knew it had to be from that because that was the only thing I newly introduced but yet I’m ok with bone broth… is powder form different from tablets?


        Doesn’t bone broth do the same thing as jello? I’m willing to try anything to get well. I have a severe case of tendentious, I’ve fully ruptured two tendons and five partial ruptures and I can’t believe my feet don’t hurt as bad, they ache but down hurt and this is all after drinking jello 12 & 24 hours ago, I’m literally beside myself!


    My grandma used to make us jello water when we were sick as kids. It always made us feel better. Actually, now that I think about it the other thing I realized soup broth was actually bone broth. Amazing that 30+ years ago people are healing themselves like this.


    I use marine collagen peptides from Amazon in my tea every morning, for autoimmune gastritis. I also add it to my salad dressing every night. Tasteless, non-thickening, non-GMO, sourced from red snapper scales off the coast of Hawaii. It has stopped the constant nausea and most of the pain in my stomach after 6 weeks. I also have Josh axes pure chicken bone broth every day, and am on AIP (autoimmune protocol diet) completely. Also, have SFN, and that is better too!


    Magnesium helps me a lot. I take 800 mg. Daily. Our body needs 1200mg daily. Build up your dose slowly as it can cause a laxative effect, buts it’s very relaxing for the body and mind. I order from Swanson vitamin. There is also a powder called calm you can buy in many stores. You mix it with water or juice and drink it. Ask your pharmacist about magnesium supplements in the pharmacy. Good luck!

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