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    The recommended dose on my BioCeuticals branded SAMe said 200-400mg per dose. I have the SAMe deficiency, so I got recommended a 600mg dose as 400 had no effect.


      How do you know you were deficient? I am severely deficient.


        Methylation profile test using the population ranges of doctor's data laboratories. The population range was 86-145 umol/dL, and my measurement was 89.


          Mine was 60. So that makes me feel a little better, that you are taking 600mg for an 89 level. Were you having any symptoms of it at 89? Was your homocysteine low as well?


            No, my homocysteine was fine, and so was my methionine. So the problem was in the stage of Methionine -> SamE. The cofactor is magnesium, so I am on 1g of magnesium a day as well.

            May I ask what symptoms you had that triggered your inquiry? Also, how are your methionine and homocysteine?


              My methionine was normal as well, but homocysteine was low. What do you feel changed for you when you started the SAMe? And how much folate do you take?


                That is a good question. My doc thinks that my folate issues may normalize after normalizing the SAMe levels as they are connected. I'm on 400mg, and honestly, I don't feel much yet. It's been a fortnight. The fortnight before, I was on 200mg.


                  What do you mean by your folate issues that will normalize? I wonder because I am having such a problem with my extremely low SAMe, and I’m on 8mg of folate, but it still doesn’t seem to be enough.

                  And how long have you been taking SAMe? Did he tell you how long it may take to normalize the levels? (Sorry for so many questions! You're the first person I have met with low SAMe levels!)


                    Since SAMe plays such a huge role in the methylation system as it is the primary donor for methyl groups, there is the possibility that other issues may be resolved by fixing a more fundamental problem.

                    I have been taking it for four weeks, two at 200mg and two at 400mg. Frankly, I haven't felt a difference yet. I imagine it could take a while since our body uses a large amount of SAMe.

                    Sorry to say there is no blanket time in which anybody can expect changes. Some do in a week, and some do in months.

                    Not sure why you're on folate. Did your dietary folate readings come up as low? Or are you low in 5-MTHF?

                    I recommend reading/listening to talks by Dr. Jess Armine as well as Dr. Ben Lynch. They seem to be the leading sources for this stuff!


                      Yes, I am low in folate.


    I've also taken Nature's Lab SAMe and CVS brand. both work the same. CVS always has them in the sale it seems, making them cheaper than Amazon.


      I have Nature’s Sunshine SAM-e, and I am up to 800mg and feel no effects at all .


        Interesting, how long have you been taking it? It takes a solid four days for me to feel the full effects. Also, you may want to try another brand just to be safe before you write it off.


          Oh, maybe that’s why. I am on day 2. Oops!

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