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    I sort of regret it because I've lost so little and was somewhat losing better in pre-op. Chances are I'd gain back the little amount I've lost, and I don't mind any of the changes in how I'm able to eat, but I kind of keep thinking – I went through all that for this? I could have lost this amount on my own!

    I've lost about 25 lbs in 5 months and over 20 before surgery. I was doing low carb for about eight months before surgery, and that's how I lost the 20 lbs. 

    Since surgery, I'm doing 80+gm of protein, low carb, low-ish fat and under 800 calories, and drinking close to 80oz of liquids per day. I've cut out almost all cheese and limit nuts to try to get things moving more.


      800 Calories may be too low; if your body feels it's not getting enough, it will hold on to everything it gets. Your body needs a minimum of 900 calories to stay out of starvation mode, and that's not even accounting for exercise, so I'd try upping to at least 900-950, less than 50 total carbs a day… sounds like your water is on point.


    Yes, I gained all weight back. Well since I've gotten pregnant baby #1, I was able to eat whatever I wanted. I was giving in to my cravings so I guess you can say it's my fault. But I honestly thought I wasn't going to gain weight back. I want that tight feeling back but I'm pregnant again.


    Yes and no. I'm glad I don't have to take the medications and such that bypass patients do, but I didn't lose a lot and have gained some back. It's mostly my fault, I've fallen back into old habits even though my intake is still restricted some. I've been toying with the idea of maybe seeking a revision to bypass.


    Not even a little bit. Best thing I've ever done for myself. I began the surgeons "pre-surgery program" in July and had my sleeve done in October. I am now down 140 lbs. And have 15 more lbs to my goal. The way I'm still losing I am guessing I'll surpass my goal of 180 lbs. I love it!


    Not me! I'm four years out, haven't reached the goal; in fact, had a regain of over 20lbs while caring for my husband. The stall in my progress is solely due to me not properly following the rules. I can't blame my sleeve for any of it. I'm slowly getting back in the swing of VSG living, and the scale is responding again. I'm pleased with the punch with my choice.


    I was sleeved on last December. The first couple of days were worse; the first month I wasn't a happy camper. But today I'm pleased I'm almost 50 pounds down 2 pounds shy, and all pre-existing conditions are no longer a concern with my primary care physician. So do I regret that this surgery – hell to the NO!! It only gets better with time!


    Can I just say whatever weight loss surgery you've, it's a tool, and if you don't follow the rules and get into bad habits you can gain back, no matter if it was bypass or sleeve. The bypass can stretch – It's a tool, and even when you reach the target, you still have to watch what you eat to maintain. No weight loss surgery is a miracle; you have to work with it.

    And when people say it didn't work for them, I totally get the acid reflux the same way if you have IBS & they don't recommend the bypass, it depends on medical factors – what is best for you.

    But the fact remains if you eat less than your body needs, you'll lose weight. That is medical science.

    To gain weight an ib you need to eat 3500 calories more than you need, to lose weight an ib you need to use 3500 calories than your body needs. As I said whatever weight loss surgery you've if you don't stick to rules, you will gain or not lose.

    Just a thought and might I add – like no one with over 300 ib to loose should have the sleeve. Again that's not true, some people have lost that amount on the sleeve. It's a tool, not a miracle.

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      I'm pretty sure I have IBS, and I had a bypass. They never even mentioned anything about that to me. Although I could see, my brother has crones and he can't digest most foods, so having a bypass would be really bad.


    Yes and no… some days I wish I had the understanding of nutrition that I have now. Had I known more about what to eat, when to eat what and balance carbs, protein, and sugars I feel I MAY have done this without the surgery. Then other days I look at how I was so hooked on food and think this was best.

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